It’s Really Happening…

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So after the longest build-up and a stressful final month of work, the day finally arrived. It feels like Friday 22nd March 2013 will be forever tattooed on our minds.

It was wonderful to pull together our closest family and friends from all walks of life for one last farewell celebration. The effort from both sets of parents was phenomenal and something we won’t forget any time soon.

There came a stark realisation around 11pm the night before we flew out that there was nothing more we could do. Whatever isn’t packed, whatever isn’t organised – is just bad luck. It was almost relieving to reach that point.

Nobody enjoys goodbyes, but saying goodbye to Barry and Lyn after sharing a house with them for three months was emotional to say the least. We couldn’t have got to this point without their love and support. I’m sure after a couple of weeks of quiet they will miss the chaos.

Whatever trepidation or second thoughts had materialised during an emotional parting of ways was quickly extinguished. As we exited through the Departures gate and approached Customs, with Karina still wiping away the tears, the attendant abruptly questioned “have you been crying?”. Before there was even a chance to reply he had our passports open glancing across the Customs form:

“It says here you are spending 5 months in Europe… On holidays… During their summer… What do you have to be upset about?”

And with that, the frowns turned to smiles and we were on our way.

It’s really happening…

Aaron + Karina


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